Saturday, December 5, 2009

Is the Climate Change Threat Real?

Is Climate Change at risk of destroying the globe?

I don't think so.

In light of the recent revelations that the AWG proponents were fudging the numbers, or cooking the books, should cause everyone to question the whole 'settled science' issue. I think we all can think back on quite a few 'settled science' that eventually was proven not to be fact. Flat earth? Sun orbits around the earth?

Even if Climate Change is a real threat, it is probably not worth the effort to try to mitigate the effects. It has been estimated that to make any effect would require NO green house emissions for at least 143 years - just for a 0.7 degree reduction in global temperatures, not to mention the Trillions of dollars removed from the global economy. Destroy modern civilization or destroy modern civilization. Hmmm. Would it be worth it? I think not.

I'm not a proponent of polluting the planet. Growing up in Southern California I remember the blankets of smog choking the LA basin when there was no rain or wind for several days. That's not a good thing. Efforts to mitigate those polluting effects have been and are worth the effort, but to destroy modern civilization in order to save modern civilization seems to me not to be a desirable goal. Kinda like smashing out your car windshield because of the possibility of it getting a chip or a crack in the future.

There is an excellent, laymen's terms article over at Bore Patch explaining the problems with the Global Warming Climate Change science: Should you be a Global Warming Skeptic?

And what's with the name change?

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