Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Root of the Matter

"The root of the matter is this: we have been ruled by men who live by illusions: the illusion that you can spend money you haven't earned without eventually going bankrupt or falling into the hands of your creditors; the illusion that real jobs can be conjured into existence by Government decree, like rabbits out of a hat; the illusion that there is some other way of creating wealth than hard work and satisfying your customers; the illusion that you can have freedom and enterprise without believing in free enterprise; the illusion that you can have an effective foreign policy without a strong defense force, and a peaceful and orderly society without absolute respect for the law. " - Margaret Thatcher, 1978

She is just as right now, as then.

What the socialists haven't quite figured out is that they have already run out of other people's money. Very soon will come the revolt.