Sunday, August 9, 2009

Another Voice Cries Out in the Wilderness

I just started my blog. I have a lot on my mind - I just don't have the gift of words to put my thoughts and ideas to the printed word. I really do have a lot of admiration for those that have the 'gift of gab', like Brigid over at Home on the Range. I love her writing style. Very eloquent. I would love to see her put her blogging efforts to writing a book. All she would have to do is take a lot of her posts and make a collection of short stories about the joys, tears, and realities of living.

This blog may go nowhere. We'll see. I'm just not sure how much time and motivation I'll have to devote to this project. You see, I'm an Information Technology Specialist. My job is to develop database applications, electronic forms and maintain several web pages for my agency. I also administer, or help administer about eleven application and web servers. I program web pages in CDML, Cold Fusion, PHP, PERL, and just plain ole HTML. I spend all my time in front of a computer at work. There are days that I just have no desire to look at one when I come home.

I am also the family IT guy. "Something's wrong with my computer. what's wrong with it?" Some of these family members are across the country. Does anyone have any idea how hard it is, most times, to diagnose computer problems long distance by phone?

Anyway, I digress. I hope I can put thoughts into words and add to the discussion and not add to the noise.

We'll see...

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